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  • Optimized For All Kinds of Art
  • Self Curated By Design
  • Manage Your Own Sales
  • Artist & Gallery Friendly
  • Patronage From Friends, Family & Fans

There are a ton of sites out there that are trying to sell art on the on the internet, but none have actually put the control of art markets into the hands of artists and their collectors.

Available Works is a new kind of Art Market; the first platform to allow artists and galleries to manage and distribute sellable works independently. Taste is a personal thing, curated art is limiting, and artists are finding it harder and harder to connect with their buying public. Available Works wants to change all that, for good.

An Essential Tool For Any Artist

Safe & Secure For Selling Works

  • Add Unlimited Works For Free
  • 90% Of All Sales Go To The Seller
  • Communicate Directly Through Private Messaging
  • Seller Feedback To Ensure A Positive Buying Experience
  • Stripe Integration for Secure Transactions

We know that buying and selling anything online comes with its risks, so we designed Available Works to match the safety and security standards expected in 2017.

No matter what kind of Artist you are, all the necessary features you need to manage your market are here for you with no monthly rate. We only receive a 10% cut of sales.

Secure Transactions Provided by  Stripe

Founded By Artists For Artists

Who We Are & How To Get In Touch

Available Works began as a conversation about how hard it was to sell art on the internet. After talking with many young artists, start-up galleries, collectors, and everyone in between it became clear that we weren't the only ones that wanted an alternative system.

Available Works is for everyone.

For all General Inquiries, Press, Media Kits, and Opportunities please contact us: info@availableworks.net